February 24, 2018


The CRNA PAC of West Virginia was formed in June of 2007 after a WVANA Bylaws change that allowed for an autonomous PAC. The PAC is registered with the State of West Virginia. The PAC is governed by independent bylaws approved by the WVANA Board of Directors.

Article II of the CRNA PAC of WV Bylaws states:

The PAC is established to promote and facilitate the accumulation of voluntary contributions from members of the WVANA or others who may legally be solicited into a separated segregated fund from which distributions shall be made by the PAC for support of candidates running for state office. The PAC shall direct distributions from the fund to the support of candidates who have taken responsible positions of quality health care.


Chairperson ~ Julie Linton, CRNA

Treasurer ~ Steve Spencer, CRNA

Secretary ~ Vacant

Member at large ~ Larry Swann, WVANA Lobbyist

The PAC remains political party neutral. Contributions are made to the state political campaigns of CRNA-friendly candidates that are particularly influential on healthcare issues important to CRNAs and their patients. WV state law dictates that contributions can only be made to candidates running for office in WV state government.

The PAC is proud of the many CRNAs that have donated generously in the past and is grateful for their dedication to the profession of nurse anesthesia.

Please contact any committee member, as they are open to discussion and questions of any nature.

Julie Linton ~ julia_linton@yahoo.com 

Steve Spencer ~ sevets9@yahoo.com

If you would like to contribute to this PAC, then please click on the Donate CRNA PAC of WV link.

If you would like to contribute to a national candidate, then please visit American Association of Nurse Anesthetists to donate to the CRNA-PAC.

The CRNA PAC of WV is a fund separate from the West Virginia Association of Nurse Anesthetists. Contributions are not tax-deductible. All contributions are voluntary and will be used for political purposes. Contributions are not limited to suggested amounts but are limited to $1000 per person per election. Contributions are not a condition of membership, and refusal to contribute is free of reprisal. Voluntary contributions are subject to the rules and regulations of the Federal Election Commission and West Virginia State Law.