February 24, 2018

WVANA Practice

WVANA Practice

The WV RN Board recently moved and their phone numbers have also changed. Please update your records with their new information:

West Virginia Board of Examiners
for Registered Professional Nurses
90 MacCorkle Ave. SW, Suite 203
South Charleston, WV 25303
Phone: (304) 744-0900 or 1-877-743-NURS(6877)
Fax: (304) 744-0600
Web Address: www.wvrnboard.wv.gov
Email: rnboard@wv.gov

In addition to an active WV RN license, an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN) license is required for CRNA practice in WV. The first APRN licenses were issued in 2013.

*You can and should visit the WV RN Board website and use their Online Verification tool to check the status of your RN and APRN License as well as check the expiration date that they have on file for your NBCRNA certification/recertification. If an expired date is showing for your Certification, then your APRN License is no longer valid. Your RN License, APRN License, and Certification must ALL be current to practice as a CRNA in WV.

The application for initial licensure as an APRN is available by clicking this link: APRN License Application. Completing the online application requires a credit card and a printer. Upon completion of the application you will print it and send it in with the required documents. You may pay the $35.00 application fee by credit card during your online application process. In addition to the application, you must have official verification of your certification by the NBCRNA sent directly to the WV RN Board office. You must also have an official transcript from your nurse anesthesia education program sent directly to the WV RN Board office. If your original nurse anesthesia education program is now closed, then you may contact the AANA to request that a certified copy of your transcript from the closed program be sent directly to the WV RN Board office. A separate application is required for Limited Prescriptive Authority and is available online at www.wvrnboard.wv.gov. You and your employer may visit WV RN Board Online Verification in order to verify your APRN status via their Online Verification system. If you have any questions please send them via email to Cassy Taylor or directly to the WV RN Board and reference APRN License in the subject line.

APRN Renewals
All WV APRNs will need to renew their APRN license every odd numbered year by June 30. You can renew your APRN License starting in May every odd year.
 Your APRN License must be renewed before July 1st to continue practicing as a CRNA. Please remember that in order to keep your WV APRN license in good standing and to renew your APRN license, your NBCRNA Certification/Recertification must be current with official verification on file with the WV RN Board at all times. Please understand that your APRN License will become inactive regardless of the expiration date on you APRN License if at any time your NBCRNA certification/recertification expires OR if the WV RN Board does not have current verification of your certification/recertification on file. If you fail to submit current information regarding your recertification beyond the expiration date on file with the WV RN Board, then your APRN license will lapse, you may be fined and disciplined, and you will be required to submit a reinstatement application which may take several days, even weeks to process. Also, before you can renew your APRN license. you must complete of 24 credit hours of continuing education (CE) targeted at APRNs. Here is a link to more detailed information about the required CE: Guidelines and Criteria for APRN Licensure. For the 2019 APRN renewal period, all CE must be completed from July 1, 2017 to June 30, 2019. 

Attention New Graduates: You must follow these steps in order to legally practice as a CRNA in WV. Upon successful completion of your certifying exam, complete the APRN Initial Application, submit your payment, ask your nurse anesthesia program to send your transcript directly to the WV RN Board office, and then make sure that the NBCRNA sends your certification verification directly to the WV RN Board office as well. According to the WV RN Board, initial applications generally take approximately two weeks to process after an application is complete. *Please note that the WV RN Board may require that you complete 24 credit hours of CE targeted at APRNs in order to renew your APRN license in 2019 even if you are a recent graduate and newly licensed WV APRN. For example, during our 2015 APRN renewal period, we learned that anyone who received an initial APRN license between July 1, 2013 and May 31, 2015 was required to complete the entire 24 hours of APRN CE. Therefore, a person who was initially licensed as an APRN in WV on May 30, 2015 had to complete 24 hours of APRN CE by the June 30, 2015 APRN Renewal deadline.

Important Information Concerning Titles and Abbreviations for APRNs
According to our WV RN Board and in accordance to our APRN law/rules, each Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN) shall use the designation APRN and designated role title as a minimum for purposes of identification and documentation. When providing nursing care, the APRN shall wear clear identification and indicates his/her APRN designation. It might seem redundant to use both APRN in addition to our certification (CRNA). An expert from the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN) spoke to this issue. The rationale given was the NCSBN wants to be able to track the APRN credential on the national level. As the Consensus model moves forward it will become even more important to clearly designate who has the APRN credential. For instance, we have been hearing that CMS is going to soon require the APRN designation for reimbursement. The WV RN Board and WV nursing leaders have soared to the front of the line as far as Consensus model and APRN work is concerned. As you just read about the tentative CMS requirement, we are already in compliance with this and we can rest knowing that fact.
Therefore, we need to be using the abbreviations APRN and CRNA each time we document our name. For example, John Doe, APRN, CRNA. In addition, your facility should update their employee roster and your ID badge to include your new title in this format.
Also, several members have asked about the correct order when writing your credentials. According to the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC), the preferred order when listing your credentials is to write your highest degree earned, licensure, and then national certification. For example, Jane Doe, MS, APRN, CRNA. Our current law does not require that you include your degree when documenting. However, it is appropriate if you wish to do so.