February 24, 2018

2017-2018 WVANA Board and Officers


President: Pam Farr
Email: pamelafarrinc@gmail.com

President Elect: Roger Cruse
Email: rogervcruse@gmail.com

Vice President: Jessica Buckley

Treasurer: Tammy Cunningham

Secretary: Melinda Knotts

Board of Directors: First Year

Jason Ellis

Angie Haynes

Julie Linton

James Sykes

Board of Directors: Second Year

Gena Bell

Danette Cabe-Croaston

Holly High

Anita Law

Non-Voting Board Members

Federal Political Director: Lee Bias
Email: lee.bias@yahoo.com 

Government Relations Committee, Chair:

APRN Committee, Chair: Cassy Taylor
Email: cassycrna@yahoo.com

Annual Meeting Committee, Chair: Laurie Elkins
Email: rn418@aol.com

Pain Management Committee, Chair: Yan Liu
Email: yliucrna@gmail.com